Losing My Mind

by Mr Free

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Tokyo ~ Kyoto ~ Okinawa ~ Osaka Project Intentions ~ Next Dimensions ~ Make Arrangements Plans they change in Armed Engagement Rio ~ Cairo ~ Berlin ~ London Project Intentions ~ Next Dimensions ~ Make Arrangements Plans they change in Armed Engagement Splish ~ Splash ~ I plunge in the Mainstream swimmin against the current Done with your games you're not gonna change me dealt with the things I weren't America strangely cuff and restrain me ~ Officer can't we work this out My souljah's been slain I'm holdin a flame ~ Ok well I came to burn they house Murder Spouse ~ Look at the change in her account All in a day retracted her claims and now she obtained absurd amounts Before you detain me hear me out ~ Then boom on the pavement curb to mouth One call from the bing my lawyer he came in court he would raise a worthy doubt Freedem Rains ~ Twisted a spliff to ease the pain Never the less continued my quest enough of these thieves I need a plane Up in the embassy again ~ Couple a weeks the Visa came Heaven forbid they tarnish the kid I'm gone to Japan to rearrange Feed the Flame ~ I will get mine or have me to blame So many times I step to the stage deliver the rhyme and people change Destiny said I'd be acclaimed ~ My ex was convinced I needed fame If that's what you see you never knew me and clearly it's time I fleed the scene Chorus Catch me on the rebound ~ There's a new neighborhood that I'm seen 'round Where everyone of my hits gets rewound and all the kids wanna flock wanna be down Is it me is it the sound ~ Sometimes I'm feelin like God when he beam down On the back of my fans til I'm reknown ~ Rock in every country Rock each town And I'm aware some dreams drown ~ But I will leave no rock on the ground Can only do what I feel deep down ~ And i will not half step I will seek crown When it rains ~ When it snows ~ When it's sleetin Down I'm deep in sound ~ Beats the pound ~ Freakin nouns There is no competition to be beefin bout Still Warrior ~ Fightin myself cause there's more in ya Me upon the Mic is Euphoria ~ Whether my life or story Bra Even when I say nidda not a damn thing ~ All my fans like oooo that's glorious Modern Emcees they boring us ~ Freedem Please stay pon tourin bus Or touring Flight ~ Them other cats they not ballin right I can tell from your words you were born to right And You are not like them they are all alike They wanna pimp wanna ball wanna crush some dikes Well...I wanna crush some dikes Cross em back over getting Lovin Guys Freedem so good yo they must oblige
Gentle Giant born defiant The mic to me is like poseidon to trident Centerstage i orchestrate the riot My rays shine in the system despite it Niggaz bite it youths recite it Misanthropist wit this shit I pilot Blast off passport can't count the mileage Circled this earth 3 times i'm no novice And no prophet Future look grim yo prepare for glock spit Babylon bwoy destroyed without profit Noah had the ark I'm a look down from cockpit Hoverin utterin what i spit Witness the visciousness of false doctrines Body is my temple bout time i detox it Cleanliness is godliness fuel this hot shit Chorus: Suicide its a suicide Nigga wanna be a G but the rules apply And you aint never find yaself til ya lose ya mind So do or die boy do or die This is shit talk love when the kick drops Traded in my pair a air force ones for flip flops Got a specal finger here that I flip cops My only hatred is the maker of tic toc Time is bondage and I'm his hostage Shackled down and neuced it grew from group conscious Throw me in the booth I'm loose I'm too monstrous Throwback dough stack fuck this new nonsense Gimme old school beats wit new mindsets Gimme something i can rock to when I'm vexed Get me hype but gimme little bit a content Miss me wit ya hollowtip flow skits and bomb threats Mixed nigga mixed messages its complex Two sides in mind its like congress What don't kill us tho somehow it bond us On that note they should legalize ganja Chorus I am the breath that gave life to human I'm the slave I'm the peasant the rulin I've burried treasures that tell tales I'm ruined I've been the master the teacher the student I'm from Chemung yo it's right next to Steuben Around that way I grew right next to Guilian I watched a town a 40 thou live thru him Greatest moment when the wolfpack booed him The only constant I see is movement Lookin back I wonder where my college crew went Can't claim to be the nicest nigga til i prove it Each day I rise touch skies and do shit You bound to fall if ya nah seek improvement If you ain't nurturin yo shit you lose it That goes for intellect yo chick and music It's freedem fighta bwoy kick back and groove wit
I'm a schizophrenic, Sick demented* Not quite what my Dad intended* So segmented, Black but blended* White half craves hallucigenics* Love my image, hate my limits* Even when I'm out in Kemet* Whip I bend it, Crib I rent it's* Only til the album's finished* Once it drops* Get a big ole plot with a boat or yacht* So we can party all night and never know the cops* Cause I'm out way out where the road it stops* Call my hippy friends tell them grow their crops* Was a voice inside told me grow my locks* Another voice inside told me hold a glock* So I don't get done like them Indians* Where you been?* All the whites got hyped and they did em in* Gave em all good books like Gideons* With a little bit a gin in them* Now they actin like friends to them* It's a masquerade tell me when it ends* Cause even I gotta play pretend just to make some ends and it makes me cringe* Chorus: This world is crazy* So hard to stay me* Was born a lion, feel I'm dyin, how'd they tame me* Crazy* Heaven Save me* I try to fight it but God I can feel em change me* Wanna talk about changes* Wann be rich famous tell the world your name is* As a young boy felt this life was aimless* Gotta rearrange this* So I flipped through pages* Read the latest sages* While I said my prayers* Hoping to open some higher layers* Never met the teacher* Still I studied life through the eyes of preachers* My Mom's evangelist, her Dad's evangelist* Trust me it gets deeper* Then came Cheeba* I'm a change the whole world cause I'm a dreamer* Grown folks look at me nod and smile and say* Yeah kid we believe ya* I could feel em doubt me* Crack an evil grin, ya'll don't know nil about me* I'm 4 dimensional, Exponential pull* Spirits they surround me* So it was for a good while* Til I flipped my script of up on some hood style* My slang changed, wanna bang things* Was clearly a confused child* Til Pops pulled me over said* Ooo Child things are gonna get easier* Just be yourself, gotta free yourself* From the things you see in the media* Then I looked at what they's feeding us* Gotta flash the flash misleading us* All they highlight is the street in us* And it's keepin us from achieving love* Chorus This world is crazy*
They say you're never gonna survive unless we little crazy So when I reach mountaintop I scream save me Nothing ever dope was done without bravery So I walk where the good God takes me Scientist say Mother Earth wanna shake me Or Poseidon wanna swell up and spray me Not today boy I'm so far form Swazy Unless we all go I'll be eyeing 80 Acting senile like I don't even see ya'll On my Steven Segal like I'm above the law Sometimes I feel like I'm alone upon the see-saw I'm too heavy for these goons who want to be small If I can think it I can be it I can have it I see the mansion push the whip feel the fabric And i'm a get it with no need for being savage A little loco though your boy not average Chorus: Losing My Mind thrown outta line Losing my faith could you show me a sign Meaning of life always sublime Cards in my hand but we already blind Damn can't focus to save my own life Can't stay put long enough to meet wife Can't stand a girl who keep her clothes on skype Can't be the King if I ain't willing to fight But I can be the man when I'm feeling it right And this one got your boy like a thrill in the night Similar to Indica you put in your pipe This the escape with no breaks I'm dipping through lights Gone like it's Cleveland Lebron Killing season is on My best weapon is a beat and a poem And I'm known for tapping into the zone And leaving speakers just blown I'm not stoppin til I'm reaching the thrown Chorus
Blue roses is all I have to hold I'm guilty of chasing fools gold The sun shined now it's gone now I'm cold Bring back my blanket bring back my soul I've seen so many travel down the same road Promising myself to never see that hole But here I am Deep Abyss so low Damn you should a seen us glow Birds rejoiced and trees stretched to grow Caressin us Blessin us we shined so Undoubtedly a Divine flow Oh baby won't you be mine.. No The line was drawn but of course you know it's toed Round and Round round we go Words are only half the other half is what we show She said, "Free I Have to Go" I'm just Wondering Wondering Wondering Why Swore it be you and me unti we die Drinkin to drown my sorrows forgettin getting High Had me from Hello so Baby why you say goodbye My sheets are heavy now it's hard to pull em back Weight upon my chest as well My heart's black I'm not depressed but my life is all an act Keep the surface cool inside I'm fallin off the track She on my mental playback No amount of editting could rearrange the facts Souls collide and opposites attract We must a been the same Ain't no balance in that My friends say I'm buggin come back It's misery but I love where I'm at Deep up in the desert with no food or pack Nothing to remind me of the lost contact My E.K.G. would read flat Less you had some Captain's, Patron or Jack Drink away the pain to cover up just what I lack I want her back man, I want her back Chorus Grown man shed no tears ~ Appears To be Samson-esque til Delila brings Shears Used to clutch her now in turn clutch beers Defense mechanisms How you face your fears Love is what it is ~ Kids ~ try to emulate grown folks ideas But that was not like this We were on a unparalleled path from 1st kiss Used to patch the innertube when the tire went flat Submerge it in the water findin where the hole's at Put my heart up in the bottle and the bubbles showed the crack My Soul was steady leakin tried to patch it wit a sack Contact My body is a temple ~ It's been rendered to a shack All the hearts that I slain guess that Karma came back Bartender give me one more gnac
I know its hard to say Been so fun to play Truly love ya company and the way you treated me But theres so many paths Throughout all the laughs I'm not cut out for this type a thing I feel so bad You been such a good man to me how could I forget But I don't wanna take this to a place that we regret Every thing you done was right But all the same I'm on a flight Off to rip another show Girl got to go I love you tho I can't stay with you You can't come with me If this was meant to be it would be can't you see let me go Ya friends keep tellin you they never seen a love like this I admit it for a minute it was seemin to be bliss But you stay on the clock And my song doesn't stop The honeymoon is over lets keep it real girl off the top Ain't no sense in acting like we friends we know could never be Cause if you come to my place girl you know I'll set u free So lets just back away Fragile hearts a break Minimize our sorrows I'll go You know I'm buddhist involved wit non attachments Your intention it seems to call for Saturn And I aint ringin a soul just to keep it at home while I'm gone doin myndirt on my lone I hit u up and u workin workin workin U hit me back and I'm off this Earth with verses U said it under ya breath I heard the curses Lets chalk it up I think we done served our purpose Physically you uh you so into me Until I gotta go then you turn enemy Til I gotta show then u wanna vent at me Rite before I hit the stage u --- up my energy You tryin to pick up or deaden me Was thinkin you could somethin new instead a me Even if its not as good in bed as me Girl just let it be


released February 14, 2017


all rights reserved



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