Writes of Passage

by Mr Free

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released November 23, 2009

Includes production by: , Speaks, Oddisee, Jeri Nova, The Level, (Jacob Gabriel, Matthew Honda, and
Ralph Kaneaiakala,) Rashane, Shane Koss, Nic Service, DJ Boom



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Mr Free

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Track Name: The Christening
Heal Up Wheel Up Bring it back Come Rewind
Poppa Got Some Gear On That Reflect the Time
Pick is in his hair and my Momma is a Dime
Neither is Aware what they about to find
In the satin sheets is where they both'll climb
7 Steps to Heaven ~ Miles running down the line
7 steps from Heaven I'm runnin down the line
The trumpets blow in stereo announcing my decline
No tears shed upon my departure
I shot a glance at my Heavenly Father
He nodded acknowledging forthcoming collaring
I had to smirk told em soon i'll be hollerin
My fellow angels laughed dapped up and raised glass
Sounds from the stage I'm caged in start to play as
Drums start to drown the sounds from all around
I nestle in ~ Mom's hearbeat Pounds

Rites and Rituals ~ Life's a Bitch but Wow
We All Addicts til we Kiss the Clouds
Clinging to the Curtain ~ Don't End my Earth Game
I'm Come to Conjure Nirvana Amongst these Birdbrains

It was 11/12 Months after Summer Sam
Hello Mrs. Gary it's the stork with a telegram
You've been chosen to guide this little boy to man
And you are in for a ride he got them older ancestors in Em
From beginning ~ Poppa had a funny feeling
Notha rhythm ~ Suttin Different ~ Nothin like them other children
We better get to gettin ~ Split before the gutta get em
This city make you to a star or sap your love for livin
No Prophecies over me when I was born my Momma Screamed
Doctor smacked me in the face and told me welcome to the Dream
Birth of a recurring theme ~ Earth ain't never what it seem
Swore I had the crown til they told me I was Burger King
Sprintin out the gate I got tripped up upon the hurdling
Take me back to Heaven Lord I hollered no one heard a thing
This place it looks absurd insane prolly bout to burn in flame
Momma holdin me she think it's sweet but I got her to blame

I like this life more with eyes closed than open
I wake in fear of that which can't be spoken
My limited vocab and these primitive folk have
Driven me to disagree with all the wisdom my soul has
How do you convey to folk you know more than them
When you look in they eyes and realize that they are all pretend
No more real than cartoons or Jim Henson's Muppets
I just left the master clearly you all play the puppets
Truth is ~ Although i piss on myself and toothless
I'm sheddin my tears cause it appears you fittin my neck for Nooses
And you callin me the Nuisance
Nah ~ I just got New Sense
Or maybe I'm an ancient
Chosen from the thrown but forced to face initiation
Left behind the Palace for some bunk beds in the basement
To Rise again a wiser man todays the Coronation
Track Name: At the Door
Poor Bub, He showin signs of a Thug
Guess the BX tuffed his Love
Dad saw that just like a Dad does
Now the birthplace of Hip Hop is where I WAS
Say goodbye to the Boogie ~ Hello to the Head
Where the barbers are white ~ So I froed instead
Growth got stunted as if frozen egg
My city streets turned to cows I begged
Get us outta here Daddy ~ I know Bub acted Badly
But we can still go back and be a family
All these white kids callin me Nigger
And I ain't tryin to be a public figure
But still they stare ~ I feel their glare
And my teacher just asked if she can feel my hair
And I see the way security's watchin us
Daddy how come these cops keep stoppin us
No reply just glassy eyes
On the ice cold face of a classy guy
Who drivin while black for that there's no ticket
When we moved in the neighbors built picket
Fences. It's Senseless.
But still we emerge from the trenches

Just close your eyes child the planet's yours
Is your skin so deep? Have ye lost no sleep?
Hold on tight now we're at the door
Are you in so deep? Sold your soul so cheap?

Took some time now we on our way
Couple fists to the face showed em we don't play
And I live here ~ it's where i'll be all day
Had a chip on my shoulder they called me Frito Lay
But you can't feed on me
Salty as I was I would beat on thee
Still Devil's on the D Low see
Although we rising in the ranks they tried to pee on we
Just so happened we were born to be Ballers
Pops planted the seed and we were his followers
Gametime come whole fam left hollowest
Coach 'pposed to lead ~ he chose to collar us
The chains remains ~ the names have changed
But when it comes to the game ~ yo it's all the same
Still a case of a Black man / White man's world
And I have not the time to address the girls


There's two sides to this tail/tale I tell ya
Not all dark deeds come from paler
Golden Child ~ Dead center of the spectrum
While white folks observe ~ Brothers neglect em
One would think when against all odds
We would embrace our own knowin times are hard
Contrare MuFrare
Crabs in the barrel stay clippin at my hair
Why he speak so good ~ He's not hood
He's not black if he's President
It's all competition ~ All opposition
I guess they rise while they crush your postion
How childish ~ We been through college
The struggles unprecedented dukes Pay Homage
The flesh shall wither yet the soul is timeless
And it took everyday of my path to find this
Track Name: Freedem
Burn Dem ~ Bleed Dem ~ Babylon A Demon
Down Press the Humble Man and Uplift the Heathen
I see the Youts dem a Misleadin
Said Them Rhyme no Reason
Freedem Freedem Freedem
Me chant a Freedem
Rhyme with no Reason

A yo I'm stressin out can't even define what I'm depressed about
This voice inside my head is tellin me I'm on a lesser route
Teacher's on my nerves seems everyday she tryin to test me out
No refuge on the court cause all my coach he do is flex his mouth
And he ain't even played this game before
Simply sabotagin my stage to soar
Damn it my wings are sore ~ From being caged and clawed
While my Pop's is trying to make a man of me and I hate him for it
They tell me praise the Lord ~ That's empty rhetoric
Marx said religion is the opium ~ The sedative
And I don't even care to live
A universal narrative
Start to think that hell might be Heaven compared to this
I'm at a age where I'm wise beyond my days
But I'm forced to fit the system so I'm driftin off in Haze
Twisted up and Blazed ~ While I'm lifted out the maze
It's my birthright I chose this but I'd wish it all away

We come from Shattered homes ~ Nappy Domes
Teeth are broken ~ Half a comb
Battered Mom's ~ Dad's are Gone ~ Joker like I laugh alone
Shadows overcomin me ~ Rug snatched out from under me
Patted at the door cause Momma think I got the gun on me
And no one's ever seen me like this
God Damn's and Jesus Christ's (Crisis)
All my life I've played along despite the mental poltergeises
And I wonder my classmates and I appear lifeless
Is this what you laid out ~ Is this perfection
How in your right mind can you lead in wrong direction
Claim it's for protection when you haul us to correction
Meanwhile the real crooks are ballin off elections
And you ain't gettin my vote my mind
My Soul my time my hope my shine
I'm from a lineage of Bold not Blind
And we nah limit to your borderline

I could drown in a puddle of my own self pity
Miss my City ~ Everyday's Shitty
Got me stranded in the country out here where none of dem get me
Really ~ Miss my City
I'm chained to the classroom Stayin in the Bathroom
Longer than I need to Just to avoid D'evils
On the brink of paintin a classic til they stole the easel
In Babylon they don't murder you ~ The slowly bleed you
Taken from the home at 5 ~ Disciplined when showin Life
Force fed fables til they able to control ya mind
How am I supposed to shine ~ When everyday there's souljahs dyin
And not the one's wit weapons but who reppin with they own design
I'm an architect only lackin mentorship
Middle passage left the ship
Return to master well equipped to snatch the whip
Since elementary my only problem was the lip
Dunce I decorated it with Poems Prose and Sacred Scripts
Track Name: Tell Momma
Run Go tell Momma
Her Favorite Son no come home no longer
Alas he has summons his thunder
Don't worry don't lose no slumber
Ya baby boy done come up stronger

Lost in the books and the halls and the classes
My youts still seek they Rites of Passage
I turn my eye to they Heavenly Passage
How can I be Christ when I'm tied to campus
Age 10 he was gone with the wind
Seeking all types a teachers all of Earth's creatures
Meanwhile I'm bein spoon fed by some chick recycling some ish she read
Should you blame the shephard when the sheep are misled
Or simply deflock yourself and watch yourself
I payed my dues played along with these fools
From Cairo to London all the way to Santa Cruz
Before a brotha find himself sometimes I had to lose
Whether tokin on the Ganj drownin sorrows in the booze
It's Amazing that I done so well
So my youts Run go tell ~ I say Run go tell

Every quest demands a lil challenge
Even hometown heroes gotta leave they parents
I been back and forth seeking balance
Knowin I been blessed with a wealth of talents
Jesus ~ Moses ~ Buddha knows this
New day same block brings forth hypnosis
You may be not the force you hoped-ed
Cool J ~ Sweet shot but not the coaches
That's why I'm leavin this town
Weavin the sound ~ Seekin definition on unbelievable ground
Thought I was royal til they peed on my crown
See I was biggin up myself while they was beatin me down
But yo ~ What don't kill me will make me stronger
Gotta go now Mom I'm not getting younger
No man on Earth shall take me under
I'll be OK Momma don't you wonder

Til we meet again ~ I'm a keep the pen
In my hand and write some things to send
I know you you gonna read it again and again
While you wipin the tears wit ya hand
But don't you worry bout a thing
You know the vibes that I fling
And the way I magnetize what I bring
I'm not just gone til November I might be back in the Spring
I might be out there in the tropics somewhere laughin wit Kings
Catch me in the Congo ~ Freakin the Bongos
Dancin round the fire with nothing but fine models
Don't tell Momma but we'll prolly have some bottles
Cause life's not always deep sometimes it's shallow
But in the meantime ~ I'm done with this dream I'm
Ready to deal with the real ~ Wanna be signed
Wish I could tell you otherwise ~ But I'd be lyin
But let me hop on my way with a Peace Sign
Track Name: Discipline
You can Run ~ But can't hide from Yourself
Pocket full a cash but you still lack wealth
Push-Ups ~ Pull-Ups Build thyself
I used to act fake just to shield myself
New place ~ New face
Everything my Pop's had taught me erased
Pure little boy ~ Replaced
I gotta stay cool my rep is at stake
But still waters run deep
My soul gettin sold up the river for cheap
So I can hang with my peeps
Had a good yard but I wanted them streets
Confusion ~ I'm losing myself in
This whirlwind of people I need to get back to my

Discipline ~ Strict Within ~ Thick or Thin
Fuck if I Can Fit With Them
Find My Zone ~ Leave Me 'Lone ~ Free Be Strong
Only Way You'll See ya Thrown

Back on my grind ~ I'm tryin to get right
Chest all swole get my six pack tight
Work all day and I read by night
The world's gonna know my name 'fore I die
Do or don't there's no room for try
I breath the wind and it keeps me high
You can't see Free less you got 3 eyes
I move the crowd like the moon moves tides
I cruise with the few that choose to be fly
Get love from the bay to out to NY
I'm prolly strongest when I let myself Cry
My cool is killin me these eyes stay dry
A shame that we rock these masks to get by
And kids gotta rob they folks to get high
I speak my piece of this so-called pie
So when folks see me they will know that I'm

You cannot get ready wit a X-Box stick
You will not get deis while you watch a flick
I thank God that my Pops was strict
He would put us out the house wit a ball and a stick
Off on adventures from Parks to the Creek
Had a athletic crew and a country clique
How you think I got so quick
Nabbin all the honey's playin catch and kiss
Step to this
Get ya one step two step left and twist
Bein fly yo it's effortless
When you're real wit yaself and ya catch your niche
I'm reachin for the Sun We could be the one's
To read a little ~ Write a little ~ Run
Not reachin for the gun cause Peace will never come
And i don't wanna die til I'm done
Track Name: Elementree
From the table of contents~Index to glossary
This book of life reads with no hints of floss in me
Between the lines lie the omens of Odyssey
See the unseen as if Celestine Prophecy
No Need to Caution Me
Sages protect me with potions and sorcery
Design immortal the timeless one authored me
Incestral Roots Mother Earth I wed Lawfully
Infants they talk to me
Don't moves they mouths simply project they thoughts to me
Ancestors walk with me
Lion ~ The Bear Clan ~ The Snake and The Hawk in me
Sacrifice Offer Me
Light as I is I still cherish the Dark in Me
Nubian Roots complement the New York in me
These are the truths me nah deal wit ya fuckery

Earth Air Water I'm Elementree
Sick Combination of Dust and Energy

An epic adventure~Bohemian Rhapsody
Chosen from birth to play Hero in Tragedy
Broke bread with Enemies said to be Family
Powers abound yet at times they abandon me
Spoken so candidly
David~Goliath~The Truth and the Fallacy
Previous lives many Kings have assassined me
Mortal I'm not there'll be more of me after me


The Rise of an Empire~Caesars conspiracy
Brutus with blade I shall conquer you fearlessly
Ferocious like Tyson to Holyfield's ear you see
Try as you may not a man out there mirror me
Tough as the Steelers D
Name what it is~There's still days I'm not feelin Free
Too much untapped ability
State of the world make me wan start a Killing Spree
Presidents~Stealing thieves
Any last words 'fore you die on your kneeling knee
Lucifer's already come for your soul to keep
Afterlife nowhere to run what you sew you reap
Chilling now here the screams
These are the thousands you killed for you silly schemes
Haunted the house on the hill~Senate's Guillotine
Sever the head from the heart let the villains bleed
Track Name: Freedom Cry
Brace Yourself Child
Life as You know it will never be the same
Ready to Face Your Death Now
Run like i told you to when them Rebels came
No time to grab her things
No time to change
Rebellion had arrived sent the village up in flames
Innocent slashed and slain ~ Laughs and Screams
Modern day holocaust they murderin names
Peep Selamwit runnin through the city streets
Mom's ahead she's tryin to keep
Up or she'll forever sleep
Her Baby brother weeps
Gonna Take some luck to reach
Checkpoint where truck or jeep get em to the border in peace
Easier said than done
She's in the back of one
Still hearin clap from guns
Grenade without the pin
Neighbors who me they end
How is this happenin?

Freedom Cry
Tell Me God are we gon die
Oh Me Oh My
If life is Love do We Apply

Now in Tigray~This family of 3
Has to ration out their eats when before they used to feast
The children got they vitals in and Momma got the last thing
On nights when it was nothing she claimed that she was fasting
Damn wish the good ole days were everlasting
All she sees are shadows of a Love lost a past thing
Age 14 and caught up in the madness
The family starts to chat about where baby girls Dad is
10 Years back when Selassie's Assassin
Was pluckin off the lineage with no questions asked and
Poppa had to leave em all ~ Hoofed it to Sudan
Left with no choice but become a new man
Some kinda news came Moms was hysterical
Could not decipher if doomsday or miracle
Wiped back the tears to share ~ Forget me never Ya
Father just sent for you ~ He's in America


Touched down in Portland ~ Maine not Oregon
Chain round her neck shows her name and her origin
Spoke not a lick of the language ~ Her Anguish
Had just begun in this world full of strangers
You know how kids do ~ You down they kick You
One sound they pick you ~ Apart and strip you
Down til your issues ~ Is all that's visual
And so went the battering despite all she's been through
But wait ~ All the hatred motivated her
To disarm they weapons give em nothing they could say to her
Sensing opportunity she grabbed they words and ate em up
Spit it out ~ No hint of doubt ~ Stole they ball and layed it up
Crack a joke and they'd erupt
Start to get the feeling as if God had said "OK Enough"
Here's some brighter pastures for weathering those days of rough
Shorty got her Masters ~ From down and out to Lady Luck
Track Name: Mystic Man - Feat. Shin-Q
Shall we flip through the scriptures of Egyptian Scrolls
Channel an Ancient Soul
Time my only confine ~ I'm patient Tho
Magic manifests when I embrace the flow
Breath ~ That's what he told me
When i asked the Zen master if he could show me
The path to the cosmos ~ Sometimes the mind goes
So high that time slows ~ 3rd eye behind closed
Lid ~ Remember as a kid
I wished that could grow up to be just like this
Pushin up lighters ~ When Bob Marley hits the sound waves
I'm stirred by a voice FROM the grave
God ~ Please grant me longevity
May my thought word and actions lead these youths to remember Free
Not the man but the Essence ~ I'm livin for the Present
My future shall I arrive how I project it

Mystic Man

I walk the streets bare feet with a turban urban
High confidence with nose up suburban
Disturbing the peace with my own particular version
Of the truth document proof I know you that heard em
Quoting scripture reflective visions in picture
Shaking up the structure with Richter get with the
Movement Believe half of what you see probably none of what you hear
Smokescreen and propaganda keeps the vision unclear
Shed tear for ghetto youth Smoke tree and sip root
Rent garment and worn boot Jah armor the lone suit
Study scrolls for scoop respect for God's creatures
One with Nature Only know love could never hate ya
Try to make the best of every situation that face ya
One of distinction truly blessed with high favor
Seeking the Savior Praying the heavens guides my plans
Water to sand grass to gravel it's in my hands I'm a……

Mystic Man

I strive to be Benevolent ~ No love for settlement
Embrace the Elements ~ Nature's my Medicince
Mom's raised a gentleman ~ From jump it's evident
Soul of a Veteran who's better than they cheddar and

Never irrelevant like the last pick of the draft
Discipleship of improving men taken task
The roots and culture slipping like sands of hour glass
The youths dem rather put on a cloak and wear a mask

It's all illusion ~ Hindus call it Maya
Bablyon program dem days and desires
Meditation remove the mundane from higher
The I-n-I will never die ~ The propane to fiya

The Devil him a liar 'neath the heel of me boots
Stomp a rain dance til the earth sprout truth
Feed pon the bread of life sipping ital soup
I shall recoup from the labors that produced ya'll fruit
Track Name: Intentions
Tokyo ~ Kyoto ~ Okinawa ~ Osaka
Project Intentions ~ Next Dimensions ~ Make Arrangements
Plans they change in Armed Engagement
Rio ~ Cairo ~ Berlin ~ London
Project Intentions ~ Next Dimensions ~ Make Arrangements
Plans they change in Armed Engagement

Splish ~ Splash ~ I plunge in the Mainstream swimmin against the current
Done with your games you're not gonna change me dealt with the things I weren't
America strangely cuff and restrain me ~ Officer can't we work this out
My souljah's been slain I'm holdin a flame ~ Ok well I came to burn they house
Murder Spouse ~ Look at the change in her account
All in a day retracted her claims and now she obtained absurd amounts
Before you detain me hear me out ~ Then boom on the pavement curb to mouth
One call from the bing my lawyer he came in court he would raise a worthy doubt
Freedem Rains ~ Twisted a spliff to ease the pain
Never the less continued my quest enough of these thieves I need a plane
Up in the embassy again ~ Couple a weeks the Visa came
Heaven forbid they tarnish the kid I'm gone to Japan to rearrange
Feed the Flame ~ I will get mine or have me to blame
So many times I step to the stage deliver the rhyme and people change
Destiny said I'd be acclaimed ~ My ex was convinced I needed fame
If that's what you see you never knew me and clearly it's time I fleed the scene

Catch me on the rebound ~ There's a new neighborhood that I'm seen 'round
Where everyone of my hits gets rewound and all the kids wanna flock
wanna be down
Is it me is it the sound ~ Sometimes I'm feelin like God when he beam down
On the back of my fans til I'm reknown ~ Rock in every country Rock each town
And I'm aware some dreams drown ~ But I will leave no rock on the ground
Can only do what I feel deep down ~ And i will not half step I will seek crown
When it rains ~ When it snows ~ When it's sleetin Down
I'm deep in sound ~ Beats the pound ~ Freakin nouns
There is no competition to be beefin bout
Still Warrior ~ Fightin myself cause there's more in ya
Me upon the Mic is Euphoria ~ Whether my life or story Bra
Even when I say nidda not a damn thing ~ All my fans like oooo that's glorious
Modern Emcees they boring us ~ Freedem Please stay pon tourin bus
Or touring Flight ~ Them other cats they not ballin right
I can tell from your words you were born to right
And You are not like them they are all alike
They wanna pimp wanna ball wanna crush some dikes
Well...I wanna crush some dikes
Cross em back over getting Lovin Guys
Freedem so good yo they must oblige
Track Name: Move On - Feat. Lisa Taylor
Sometimes it just don't fit ~ Off the scipt ~ So frustrated on some shit
Wipe the teardrop off ya lip ~ Swear you leavin you forget
It takes some heart to call it quits ~ Deny the calls and halt the clips
The flashbacks the past racks the mind it reenacts that
Member you canceled trips often pissed ~ Swore you'd cross him off the list
Gave him years and all for this ~ He torched ya soul that arsonist
And not that all the fault is his ~ I seen you make mistakes forgived
Sometimes you hate to Love ~ Hate to Live ~ Hate you wanna make his kids

Everyone tells me I should move on
(It's time to move on)
Been waiting for things to change for too long
(I hate that you don't see things my way)
Every tick of the clock my heart breaks
(Wanna start a family and see how true love can be)
I Need to find the feeling only one thing makes
Unconditional Love

Mi Amiga always good to see ya
Tell my why that man he got you sheddin them tears
Not up in ya biz ~ But you know this is
The only thing that ever really brings you stress
Don't know how to say this ~ But baby you a sadist
Think you fell in Love with all of Love's ideas
Don't have to be a seer ~ Psychic or a Cleo
To recognize that you my friend could do much beater
I mean better Baby keep ya head up
They say if you can weather the storm then it will let up
And I can't be your umbrella when you love a fella
Who got you sinkin so low you should play the cello
Or even sing the Blues ~ What's today's excuse
Are you together outta love or just afraid to lose
Not what you say but do ~ And he got ways to sooth
But you a diamond ~ Fuckin wit fugazi dude

Things started movin quicker
Days turned to months turn to years now ya fears get thicker
Dated other dudes but her mind never moved it was always on that nicka
Biological ticker whisperin in her ear girl stick wit him
All she wants is some children And she filled him in
Even though she was only half feelin him
If my parents had a been this picky Earth would never get me
What you wan me wait til 60
I'm a Sistine Pristine simply coexisting looking for my own Davinci
If Michaelangelo had a hand to hold
She would a left old dude a couple years ago
But yo this land is cold she'd been abandoned
So she proceed to never need another man to mold
Track Name: Never Forgotten - Feat. Omar Samaha
I wish this was a tale from the crypt
Some ole bull shit from off a movie script
It's too sick for mind to truly grip
Some foo flipped and now look who he hit
My Students
My God they only kids
So young and vulnerable they harldy even lived
Mothafucka what they got to do with this
I'm a teacher I am not a Eulogist
Old students cryin Do Suttin Do Suttin
Said you had powers Mr You Frontin You Frontin
Ain't there some kinda undo button
To slew cousin
Before he got to sprayin up our campus like he knew nothing

I cannot forgive and I won't forget
You were just seated upon my left
I'd give a pot a gold just to see ya soul
Released from underneath a dated stone

They tell me get pass the anger
Embrace a stranger
Fight not the impact this has to change ya
Bring back the man from away in manger
To bring the lost Lord do me that favor
What goods a savior if he don't save ya
I must confess it feels like ya traitor
It's said through your eyes I would see greater
But can't see through mine cause I'm now with Vader


You Loved ~ You Lived ~ Too Much to Give
To be called on that Day it was all a Mistake
Track Name: Do Ya Thing
I'm Mr Free I'm a Real MC
Ain't anotha Nigga that can rhyme like me
born in the Bronx that's NYC
And every lady loves my ENERGY
They said I kinda look like Bob Marley
When it come to Bud we get the Collie
Used to have a crib in Hawaii
Fresh off the plane we kiss the Wowie
While We~trippin cause we all irie
Never can predict my soul my steez
I spend my winters under palms where it's warm while ya freeze
Never settle for a 6 cause I love a dime piece
I be livin to a drum on a different beat
This is just a shot from the weaponry
Who the rude boy waan contest Free

B-Boy's Do ya thing
B-Girls Do ya thing

Walk into the club wit my own little stash
20 for a drink, shit, sippin from my flask
Gotta pocket full of condoms and a pocket full a cash
One is gonna empty and one is gonna last
I ask can you get with all I have
Shorty start to giggle but I don't laugh
Never pull a punch and my minds on smash
If you can handle this Baby you can have a blast
We got the Jazz Free got the Jazz
Attract the dime piece free got pizzazz
She love the shine but without the flash
She right behind and she got the class
We bout to mash We bout to mash
She let me know I beat out the last
Freak a lil slow then I freak it real fast
Freak it til they peakin and i'm gone I dash


New flave but feels like it's the 80's
Hip hop didn't birth me but it raised me
I wasn't listening to Pop I was listening to Jay-Z
Rakim, Nas, Bust Rhymes and Heav-D
This one takes me back there
No Shoelaces part in hair
Gold on fingers neck and ear
Fresh new J's and I got me a pair
Chuck D said we bring the noise
Flave echoed that with yeah Boy
Sadat X was a Wild Cowboy
Will they Reminisce over Trouble T Roy
I wasn't his seed but knew a Daddy named Kane
While the MC's came to live out their name
Season's change things rearrange
Insane in the membrane
Track Name: Step To Me - Feat. Crista Cappelletti
Lord have mercy have you blessed or cursed me
My eyes have seen the glory of an angel that's earthly
I'm usually the one to say she ain't worth me but
This one here done got me acting like nursery
A Childish crush a role of reversal
I Love you girl do you love me circle
She looked at me like Mr Free you a turtle
Cause she been waiting and been wanting to Merge yo
Through the cosmos through the Earth through the evening
Who defines ho who defines who the heathen
We don't mind yo she and I we from Eden
We are not clothed we are fly we are Freedem
Bordeline savage put on my hazards
Truckers almost crash cause we do it in traffic
Do it on placid do it on acid
Went to Momma's house so we could do it on the plastic

Like boy, I want you
Baby I need you bad
I gotta have you
I just cant let you go

I know where we goin'
Just keep my body movin
I'm blinded by your light
Come on and step to me

One step two step three step we step
Broke the high score then she hit reset
I'm set you set we set she wet
Thailand Costa Rica Egypt
Been there done that didn't wanna come back
Sailed the 7 seas tryin to figure where the sun sat
Untapped No map love without a contract
We been walkin hand to hand and she ain't into combat
She my Angel ~ We not fable
This attraction far from fatal
She revive me ~ True Irie
No pushover ~ Cool but fiery
My amore ~ Each and all day
She the piece that completes my Story
All my ex girls now they bore me
You so fresh girl ~ Kiss you for me

She's a activist not a actress
She don't talk about it she practices
Took her baccalaureate and she mastered it
Got her phd in passionate
You could argue but she smashing it
All harassment she assassin it
Sometime I gotta tell her pull it back a bit
She laugh and say Free ya such a passivist
I'm a Natural Mystic she don't have to lipstick
She wake in the morning she fly ~ That's my Mrs
One night we were buggin for fun smashin dishes
Superfly Snooka'd the couch that is vicious
We a match made before our hatched egg
She holdin me down like she running the last leg
Cool with my mother wit my brotha just ask Greg
Cause when it comes to cookies yo she eatin em half baked
Track Name: Wondering Why
Blue roses is all I have to hold
I'm guilty of chasing fools gold
The sun shined now it's gone now I'm cold
Bring back my blanket bring back my soul
I've seen so many travel down the same road
Promising myself to never see that hole
But here I am Deep Abyss so low
Damn you should a seen us glow
Birds rejoiced and trees stretched to grow
Caressin us Blessin us we shined so
Undoubtedly a Divine flow
Oh baby won't you be mine.. No
The line was drawn but of course you know it's toed
Round and Round round we go
Words are only half the other half is what we show
She said, "Free I Have to Go"

I'm just Wondering Wondering Wondering Why
Swore it be you and me unti we die
Drinkin to drown my sorrows forgettin getting High
Had me from Hello so Baby why you say goodbye

My sheets are heavy now it's hard to pull em back
Weight upon my chest as well My heart's black
I'm not depressed but my life is all an act
Keep the surface cool inside I'm fallin off the track
She on my mental playback
No amount of editting could rearrange the facts
Souls collide and opposites attract
We must a been the same Ain't no balance in that
My friends say I'm buggin come back
It's misery but I love where I'm at
Deep up in the desert with no food or pack
Nothing to remind me of the lost contact
My E.K.G. would read flat
Less you had some Captain's, Patron or Jack
Drink away the pain to cover up just what I lack
I want her back man, I want her back


Grown man shed no tears ~ Appears
To be Samson-esque til Delila brings Shears
Used to clutch her now in turn clutch beers
Defense mechanisms How you face your fears
Love is what it is ~ Kids ~ try to emulate grown folks ideas
But that was not like this
We were on a unparalleled path from 1st kiss
Used to patch the innertube when the tire went flat
Submerge it in the water findin where the hole's at
Put my heart up in the bottle and the bubbles showed the crack
My Soul was steady leakin tried to patch it wit a sack
My body is a temple ~ It's been rendered to a shack
All the hearts that I slain guess that Karma came back
Bartender give me one more gnac
Track Name: Last Writes
I'm here today and gone tomorrow but
Back the next day be glad to catch me
I dance with death like a clan in frenzy
This life an emcee the next a sensei
The last I rescued the ass of Kinte
Was master and slave bastard and brave
Before I pass yo I fast for 10 days
Attract my ending while half ascending
Scope out the next 6 lives I'm pending
I'm done with Earth til ya'll stop pretending
It's condescending and time for cleansing
Far as I'm concerned by now we should a been Kings
Ya Royal Highness embrace my Lioness
And yes the love that I made was timeless
I'll return to the Sun when it's time that I rest
And hope I left a lil suttin suttin to digest

Every Dog has it's Day Every King Loses Crown
Every Lion Loses Pride Every up has it Down
We Prolly die cause we Expecting to
And this the Beat that I'm a be Resurrectin to
Every Leaf reaches Earth Every Star It'll Burst
Maybe All it's a Curse Doomed to Die from the Birth
I'm Celebratin with What I've Got
Ain't No Time for Me to Chasin What I'm Not

They say ya once a man and twice a child
Yo this life is wild homey write this down
Said the Birth of civilization yo it sprung from the Nile
Check ya sources information and there's nothing to doubt
They say the Source of All Creation yo we come from the clouds
I rode the rays I'm from the Sun and I came buckin em down
As I considered my route I found rebirth in the now
I can't be living in a past I got no wisdom about
That's how they system amounts
They cut you off from the fountain of truth
As a youth you forced to feed off they fruits
And ya roots come out from underneath ya timberland boots
And there's proof in baby momma's out there singin the blues
Cause it hurts to water seed but it nah spring from the Earth
I reverse and bring it back to Momma she's in the thirst
And on account a they hypocrisies the masses will burn
Leave my ashes in Hawaii and put a match to the urn

I'll be Reincarnated God made it I made it
Countless the stars and bars that I done migrated
Laws I violated bought malls for my lady
On my favorite planet they don't talk they vibrate it
Winds teaching you bird brains seeking truth
Her name Hurricane Earth will never be the same
Man had a shot co-created a disturbing game
Take ya pick drown Earthquake or maybe burn in flame
More Fiya on my funeral pyre I'm a do what I does til the day I expire
As for you and ya cuz you can hate or admire
Cause I know it wasn't nothing but lovers around Messiah
Holy Jesus I broke the gate loose
And snuck into Heaven with a bottle of Grey Goose
So come sip from the waters of death
And reflect on the life and times of G-Clef